Dutch freshwater bryozoans (moss animals)

Verder in Nederlands

Last update 24-11-2010

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Paludicella articulata pictures

Paludicella articulata

Victorella pavida pictures

Victorella pavida

Cristatella mucedo pictures

Cristatella mucedo

Fredericella sultana

Fredericella sultana

Lophopus crystallinus pictures

Lophopus crystallinus

Pectinatella magnifica pictures

Pectinatella magnifica

Hyalinella punctata pictures

Hyalinella punctata

Plumatella casmiana pictures

Plumatella casmiana

Plumatella emarginata pictures

Plumatella emarginata

Plumatella fruticosa pictures

Plumatella fruticosa

Plumatella fungosa pictures

Plumatella fungosa

Plumatella geimermassardi pictures

P. geimermassardi

Plumatella repens pictures

Plumatella repens



Through a microscope

Through a microscope

What are Bryozoans?

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