Plumatella casmiana (Oka 1907)

Verder in Nederlands

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Proposal for common name: ?? bryozoan or moss animal

Plumatella casmiana


Class Family Genus Species First described by
Phylactolaemata Plumatellidae Plumatella P. casmiana Oka 1907


The following synonyms have been used to indicate Plumatella casmiana:
  1. Plumatella casmiana (Oka 1907)
  2. Plumatella casmiana rossica (Abrikosov 1927)
  3. Plumatella repens var. annulata (H zawa & Toriumi 1940)
  4. Plumatella repens var. casmiana (Toriumi 1941)
  5. Plumatella repens var. flabellum type casmiana (Toriumi 1941)
  6. Plumatella annulata (Lacourt 1955)
  7. Plumatella ruandensis (Wiebach 1964)
  8. Stolella indica (Wiebach 1964)


Also see the generic class and genus description in the classification page.
A combination of literature has been used to create this description.

  • Generally completely creeping / encrusting with tightly packed zooids
  • Seldom very similar to P. fungosa
  • The zooids have a dorsal keel on the zooicum
Color No information found in literature
Tentacle crown Horseshoe shaped tentacle crown with 50 tentacles maximum.
Size One zooid is ?? long
A colony is ?? cm in diameter
Statoblasts Statoblasts mostly floating (floatoblasts), thin walled, soft and elongated (twice as long as broad);
sometimes broad oval thick walled capsules
One type can occur without the other type in a specific colony
There are more than one statoblasts per zooid
Conditions No information found in literature
Distribution No information found in literature
Additional None

Relevant literature

To be completed

  1. [Mundy] - A key to the British and European Freshwater Bryozoans
  2. [Wood II] - A new key to the freshwater bryozoans of Britain, Ireland and Continental Europe

My observations

  1. I have not found P. casmiana (yet)
  2. As far as i know no colonies have been found in The Netherlands