Statoblasts of Dutch freshwater bryozoans

Verder in Nederlands

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Click a photo for more and larger images and click on a link for more information on the species.
Paludicella articulata photos Paludicella articulata Victorella pavida photos Victorella pavida Cristatella mucedo photos Cristatella mucedo Fredericella sultana statoblasten Fredericella sultana Lophopus crystallinus photos Lophopus crystallinus
Pectinatella magnifica photos Pectinatella magnifica Hyalinella punctata photos Hyalinella punctata Plumatella casmiana photos Plumatella casmiana Plumatella emarginata photos Plumatella emarginata Plumatella fruticosa photos Plumatella fruticosa
Plumatella fungosa photos Plumatella fungosa Plumatella geimermassardi photos Plumatella geimermassardi Plumatella repens photos Plumatella repens   Statoblast production Introduction to statoblasts